Test drive your shiny new strategy with a Vox week team up and get on it



Get Sh*t Done Week

A friendly work week *ss-kicking to walk you through your shiny new mini-method and turn it into a tiny habit worth having.

A Dope AF Fast Fix in 3 Steps...

Log in and book your dedicated GSD week on my calendar

Show up, share, listen, then build your action taking habit one day, one micro-move at a time ​

Explore 'what's next' if you need support on a bigger pain in the *ss problem showing it's face in your biz day to day

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Voxability Buddy GSD Week$99

When You Love Your Shiny New Tactic But Need a Push to Roll It Onto Your Playing Field

Here's a Dose of Designed for You Action Taking Accountability

A buddy up boost for ND-preneurs ready to build a tiny habit of action taking on the right now strategy they 'had to have' to take their daily biz duties from ‘F*ck this!’ to ‘F*ck yes!’

Yeah, my Chaos Control tiny tools seem simple. Truth bomb → for us ND brains, their not always easy to put to use.

Voxability buddying is not a thing I offer unless you book for 6 months at $500/mo, so grab it like it's


Voxability Buddy GSD Week

A 5-day tag team tiny taste of tailored to you async coaching support for your right now problem with the right now method you just picked from my chaos control tool shed.

What You Get →

Direct Access:

The mini-movie to walk you through why usual productivity approaches don't work for ND brains, and how to game your way to "done" faster. [UPDATE]

Top of Mind Peace of Mind: 

Your 'problems' become my brain fuel for an entire week, even if they end up 'bigger' than you expected... 


Prep yourself for all the extra juicy biz management strategic juice you can chug in one glorious week and feel seen, heard, and understood re: the energetic drain you feel juggling your executive functions and daily ops duties

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