Needy AF 

To-Do List

Break Up Plan

A 20-minute, 3-step, daily micro-method to get intentional about what you throw in your f*ck it bucket when spending time working 'in your biz'.  

A Dope AF Fast Fix in 3 Steps...

Binge the super simple To Do List Breakup Plan video training

Practice the method while you're watching over the three short video breaks ​

Repeat the process any time 'F*ck this, time to grab a match!' dominates your inner dialogue​

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💔 Needy AF To-Do List Breakup Plan$33

When Your Boundaries Are Busted and You're Ready to Burn It All Down

Move Your All-Or-Nothing Mindset from 'F*ck this!' to 'F*ck yes!'

A fast refocus for ND entrepreneurs ready to ferret out the biggest 'Now WTF?' duties that make their business feel like a soul-sucking wasteland they'd rather vacate than cohabitate with...

Set boundaries strong enough to keep even the thirstiest tasks from crippling your 'by design' biz dream and plot your breakup revenge instead


Needy AF To-Do List Break Up Plan

A DIY micro-method to take you from reactive to proactive when it comes to how you spend your limited, time, energy, and mental bandwidth in and on your business.

What's Inside →

Module 1: 

The mini-movie to walk you through the method with planned pauses for you to practice while you watch.

Module 2: 

An interactive digital workbook for you to complete the breakup plan to use the instant a 'DEFCON 5, this biz is gonna blow' moment kicks in.

Module 3: 

Optional extras you can check out to get backup for those "addicted to busy" and "can't manage to let sh*t go" feelings.

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