Time Blindness Tracker

The WTF did I do all day tasky time-suck awareness tool to get your time blindness in check and your biz building boundaries in place.

A Dope AF Fast Fix in 3 Steps...

Dupe and use the time & task blindness tracker to get a grip on what's burning you out working in your biz

Uncover persistent patterns that show up and keep you feeling spent and spinning in place on your biz goals    ​

Choose your next move to bust through biz operator burnout toward your version of biz ownership bliss   ​

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🍋 Juiceometer Time Blindness Tracker$11

When WTF You Did All Day Escapes You But Feel Burnt Out By Whatever the Hell It Was

Turn Your Time and Tasks Into a Magical Reappearing Act

A tiny trick in my ND-preneur magic bag for Chief "Everything" Officers ready to build an intentional productivity habit and get more of what matters most to them done.


Juiceometer Time Blindness Tracker

A DIY micro-mover to take you from time warped and task buried to time intentional and focus forward on business goal needle movers that make a difference without frying yourself in the process.

What's Inside →

Module 1: 

The tiny time blindness awareness tool to track what you do and how long you do it with easy to follow instructions.

Module 2: 

Optional extras you can check out to add some ooh-la-la to your "gotta do what matters most but don't know how to squeeze that juice" biz building blueprint.

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