How to Gamify to

Get Sh*t Done

A "stupid simple" micro-method to try on for size when you're stuck in "f*ck this" mode. Make the daily do's drama damn near disappear and actually do what needs doing so you can do what you'd rather be doing instead.

A Dope AF Fast Fix in 3 Steps...

Binge the super simple gamification framework video training

Game your day to find your way of showing up for projects ​

Set your daily dopa-dump framework to repeat ​

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5-day Voxer coaching to lay down your GSD habit $99
Dial in and actually take ACTION on your shiny new strategy

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Gamify to GSD$55

When Your To-Do List Is So Extra You Need to Go Full Ghost to GSD

Here's a Fun As F*ck Way to Fly Through It Faster ​

A quick fix in my binge-able mini-series for Chief "Everything" Officers ready to manage the melodrama and obliterate the overwhelm around the task-y sh*t they're strapped with but don't wanna or can't truly outsource just yet...


How to Gamify to Get Sh*t Done

A DIY mini method to take you from to-do task torture to deliriously done without the fawn-fight-freeze response cycle.

What's Inside →

Module 1: 

The mini-movie to walk you through why usual productivity approaches don't work for ND brains, and how to game your way to "done" faster.

Module 2: 

Three kick*ss games to get you from ho hum doldrum to, "Hell yessss I'm done! Now what?" There's even three pregame warm ups if you're so buried you feel like you can't get started.  

Module 3: 

Optional extras you can check out to add some oomph to your "gotta do it but don't want it to feel like a grind anymore" day.

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